Paramount’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ to Release a Week Early, Animated ‘Transformers’ Eyeing 2024 Release

animated transformers film 2024

Paramount has shifted many of its upcoming releases, including a few of its highly anticipated animated films from well-loved IPs. Luckily, unlike the recent Mission: Impossible delays, we’ll be getting the projects earlier than initially expected, something we haven’t seen much lately in the countless delays from production studios during the pandemic. Not all news from Paramount is just about changes in release schedules, as we also have also gotten a release date for their animated adaptation of Transformers.

After some movement in the Paramount release schedules, we have news that the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film will now release on August 4, 2023, instead of the original date of August 11. It’s nice to get an earlier release for once, likely in an effort to move things around to better fit the newly delayed Mission: Impossible movies into the seemingly crowded 2023 lineup. In other news, we also now know the release date of a new Transformers animated movie, which is expected to release on July 19, 2024. We do not currently know the title of the film or any official information about the plot for now.

While the live-action Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films left a lot to be desired for fans of the franchise, maybe a return to animation will be a welcome change and get both franchises back on track. There still is a live-action Transformers film in development as well. So, we’ll see how they’ll try to make the animated one stand out from that as well. These franchises are near and dear to many people’s hearts. Hopefully, this leads to a future more exciting than what we have had over the last few years.

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