‘A Quiet Place’ Spinoff Release Date Pushed Back

a quiet place spinoff delay

It was just recently that we learned that Pig director Michael Sarnoski was taking over directing duties of A Quiet Place spinoff. Originally, Jeff Nicholas was going to tackle the project that was going to be Paramount’s gateway into creating a horror-based cinematic universe. Yet, it wasn’t until this month that they managed to find a replacement. As production hasn’t started yet, they have now also pushed the release date back by quite some months.

It’s interesting that they decided to push back Mission: Impossible films – which have already been filmed mind you – back by an entire year, but A Quiet Place has now moved from March 31 to September 22, 2023. Of course, there’s the possibility that this is a film they’ve already worked on for some time and secretly filmed, or that production for Sarnoski‘s project will begin rather shortly.

The film is still quite a mystery, as the more, we hear about it, it seems that it may explore the days when the alien invasion first started. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are set to return. Given the fate of the former, it seems likely to state that this might spin off the events before the first film and might introduce a few new protagonists moving forward.

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