More Set Photos Confirm 1970’s Setting of ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Flashback, Retelling of a Key Character’s Origin

Earlier set photos from Daredevil: Born Again indicated that the upcoming Disney Plus streaming series will involve a flashback but without much context, fans were left to speculate blindly. Thankfully, a new series of set photos has come along that may clarify what was being shot today in Harlem.

The new photos, courtesy of Joseph Adames, come with the claim that flashback, set in 1970’s Hell’s Kitchen, features a young Wilson Fisk mixing it up with a group of bullies.

Fans had all day to concoct wild theories about how the young actor seen in previous set photos might be playing Matt Murdock but as it turns out, the much more sensible conclusion that he is playing a young Wilson Fisk checks out.

Fans of the Netflix Daredevil series will undoubtedly remember Cole Jensen’s performance as a young, traumatized Wilson Fisk. In that series, Fisk was born sometime in the early 1960s and murdered his father at some point in the early 1970s. It’ll be interesting to see if Daredevil: Born Again adds to that origin tale of Fisk or if they retell it as star Charlie Cox has indicated the new series may choose to do with some bits and pieces of Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk’s lives.

Source: Twitter

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