‘Mortal Kombat’: Cole Young was a Studio-Mandated Addition

mortal kombat cole young

The addition of a unique character in this long-running franchise is surprising, but it does allow them Since the trailer dropped for the first Mortal Kombat film, we’ve all wondered who the hell is Cole Young? The character played by Lewis Tan is a new addition to the franchise. We’ve come to expect either Liu Kang or Johnny Cage to take the role of audience surrogate, but they’ve included this new character instead. Cage is noticeably absent in the trailer, which adds another level of confusion on why Cole got included. In an interview with Inverse, the film’s screenwriter, Greg Russo, revealed that this inclusion was a studio mandate.

It was something the studio wanted. The new protagonist was an idea loaded in prior to my involvement.

Producer Todd Garner does point out that the character offers a new perspective into the complicated world of Mortal Kombat. Cole’s role as the audience surrogate allows him to ask the questions necessary to explain why the tournament is taking place, where these humanoid creatures come from, and how Liu Kang can summon fire. They also point out that they could add a unique story instead of being held back by the expectations combined with the series’ staples.

We needed somebody to completely manipulate, so there’s not 30 years of people going ‘You can’t do that.’

As strange as the appearance of a unique character is in this long-running franchise, it does allow them to take a unique angle with the story. Of course, we’ve theorized that Young could actually have close ties to an existing character that will be revealed later down the line. Inverse’s article does point out that he will definitely tie into the franchise’s overarching universe. We’re very curious to see where the franchise is heading once it releases April 23rd on HBO Max and in theatres.

Source: Inverse

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