Paul Bettany Responds to ‘Multiverse of Madness’ Rumors

Actor Paul Bettany has been around as long as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has existed. Initially the voice of Tony Stark’s A.I. J.A.R.V.I.S, Bettany debuted as Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Most recently, we saw Bettany’s Vision in WandaVision, and the action ended the series as White Vision and he flew off to an unknown location.

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness quickly approaching, fans wants answers now more than ever on who exactly will make surprise appearances in the film. With Vision’s connection to Wanda—who will play a major role as the Scarlet Witch in the film—it is natural that some wonder if some version of Vision, perhaps White Vision, will show up. In an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Steven Colbert asked Bettany directly whether White Vision would appear in the Doctor Strange sequel. The actor responded:

This is a really great question. And, again, I said I was going to be entirely honest with you. You’re asking if… ‘Am I in Doctor Strange?’… Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. I don’t know. Am I? What do you think?… I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that I am in said and aforementioned Doctor Strange.

Paul Bettany

It is only expected that MCU actors play coy about potential or rumored future appearances in Marvel Studios projects. Bettany may simply be teasing fans and taking advantage of all the surprise cameo fervor that has been going around for Multiverse of Madness. Still, plenty will read into the fact that he does say “yes” at some points in his answer, even if it is always followed by “no.”

Audiences will find out if Bettany or White Vision makes an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when the film is released on May 6, 2022.

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