Review: Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Doctor Strange Supreme Pop!

Marvel Studios first canonical animated series, What If…?, introduced fans to a Variant of Doctor Strange whose life turned out quite differently than the one from the Sacred Timeline. This version, who couldn’t bare to live in a world without Christine Palmer, sacrificed everything, including his universe, to find a way to keep her alive. Doctor Strange Supreme became one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel Studios Multiverse and now, ahead of his rumored return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you can add a fantastic looking Funko Pop of the character to your collection.

Much like the Star-Lord T’Challa figure, Strange Supreme comes with a nice stand that allows him to levitate amongst your collection.

Marvel's What If Doctor Strange Supreme Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Strange Supreme Funko can be ordered from Entertainment Earth by clicking here for $11.99 and become a part of your own Multiverse of Madness!

Murphy’s Multiverse is an Entertainment Earth affiliate.

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