Review: Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ T’Challa Star-Lord Pop!

Marvel Studios first canonical animated series, What If…?, introduced fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Variants of dozens of their favorite characters. From Party Thor, to a redeemed Thanos, to one character who was immediate a fan favorite: T’Challa Star-Lord.

Taken by accident by Ravagers looking for Peter Quill, T’Challa took on the mantle of Star-Lord and had a major impact on the events of his universe. Voiced by Chadwick Boseman, T’Challa Star-Lord eventually came back home to Wakanda and was reunited with his family who had long thought him dead. Now, fans can add a great looking Funko Pop! version of the character to their collection at Entertainment Earth.

Shipping this month, the Funko comes with a stand allowing T’Challa to take flight. The collectible show T’Challa Star-Lord complete with his mask, gun and jet boots and makes for a great addition to any Funko collection, especially beside the other pieces from the What If…? wave.

You can order your T’Challa Star-Lord for $11.99 by clicking here.

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