DC’s ‘Titans’ Leaked Set Photos Offer First Look at Jinx

dc titans jinx

We just ran the first real set photo we got from the cast of DC’s Titans, which revealed that the upcoming season is very likely adapting the iconic White Raven storyline from the animated Teen Titans series and comic books with a twist. It looks like that isn’t the only element they are carrying over from the animated adaptation, as a new set photo offers our first look at the HBO Max show’s version of Jinx.

In one of the set photos, we can see actress Lisa Ambalavanar with a familiar hairstyle for those that followed the Cartoon Network animated series. With purple hair and some black stripes, they clearly took inspiration from the Teen Titans when bringing the character to life in the HBO Max series if the set photo provided by @seansmovies (as shared by @DCTBMidias) is anything to go by.

It certainly looks like they took inspiration from the animated design, but similar to what they did with Raven, they didn’t change her skin tone. We don’t know yet how they might adapt her abilities, as the animated show gave it a special purple spark to let people know she’s used the ability. So, here’s hoping the first trailer gives us a first look.

Source: Twitter, Deadline

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