‘One Piece’s Matt Owens Open to Exploring a Mihawk Spinoff

one piece spinoff

With a live-action adaptation of One Piece releasing to strong fanfare and views, we were quite excited that it managed to get a second-season renewal. That wasn’t always a sure thing with Netflix given how it handles most of its big series’ releases. Though, some not only manage to get a renewal but even go one step further with spinoffs planned in advance, such as with The Witcher.

Well, it seems that while there’s no word on One Piece getting a spinoff, it does seem like showrunner Matt Owens is quite open to expanding the series. While we did assume that they likely will remain true to the source material, there is one idea he’d definitely be open to adapt: a spinoff focused on a young Mihawk and his adventures before the events of this series.

There are so many stories we have yet to fully dive into. I’d love to do a young Mihawk series. Seeing his rise through the world, interacting with other prominent figures from the past.

Matt Owens

It definitely would be a fun adaptation and with Eiichiro Oda heavily involved, they could stick to canon. He has openly stated that he personally would love to explore a Marine spinoff in the past but given his tight schedule remains focused on ensuring the main series manages its way to the final release.

Source: Reddit

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