‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Writer Teases Shadow as Sonic’s Biggest Challenge

sonic the hedgehog 3 shadow

The post-credit sequence for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 revealed that the few Sonic Adventure references weren’t just window dressing. It was unveiled that Robotnik’s past will come to haunt him, especially with the reveal of Project Shadow. The first tease of Shadow the Hedgehog is definitely something fans were excited to see in the live-action film series, and we got quite the confirmation in the post-credit sequence. Yet, it also opened up the question of just how they might tackle the character.

While the second entry did introduce Knuckles on the villain’s side early on, he was more misled by Robotnik and his own honor code. Still, having a “bad guy who becomes a good guy” storyline in two films in a row might be overkill. Luckily, writer Pat Casey offered some insight into what makes Shadow stand out in his interview on The GHZ Podcast.

He’s a match for Sonic, but like with such a different personality. And not like Knuckles, who is sort of mislead. Shadow is driven by anger and revenge, you know? I almost feel like Sonic, when he encounters Shadow, he’s like: “Well, I’ll just teach him about the power of friendship like with Knuckles, bada bing bada boom,” but that not going to work on Shadow, you know? This is like, Sonic’s never had to deal with someone as emotionally damaged as Shadow but he has with Robotnik.

Pat Casey

It definitely sounds like they are fully embracing Shadow’s character from the original films. Sonic having a family and a few victories against Robotnik might put him on a high horse. Especially as it’ll be his first time seeing another hedgehog-like him, which may add to his hope to befriend him. We don’t know if we might expect other new characters to get introduced like Rogue or Amy, but there’s definitely the possibility that the cast will grow. So, it’ll be exciting to see what the third entry has to offer and maybe even a more mature storyline as Sonic faces his biggest challenge yet.

You can watch the full interview with writer Pat Casey here:

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