Warner Bros. Discovery Reportedly Considering a Theatrical Release for ‘Batgirl’ After All

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The DC Extended Universe is in a bit of a workshop period, as the shared universe is reportedly getting an overhaul in the near future. It’s certainly a fitting timing given that The Flash will reportedly set the DCEU on a new path and see a new timeline with Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne now replacing Ben Affleck‘s version in this new universe. Along with Keaton comes a new Batgirl, one that many fans are excited to see. New reports may hint that we could possibly catch the film on the big screen after all.

Puck is reporting that Warner Brothers Discovery is debating whether or not Batgirl should go theatrical. The film is currently set to be an HBO Max exclusive film as the company looks to strengthen its streaming content. The recent success of The Batman looks to be influencing this decision as it dominates on HBO Max after pulling in over $750 million in total at the box office.

This would not be a decision that’s out of the ordinary as Warner Brothers made a similar move last summer with another DC film. Originally announced as an HBO Max exclusive film, Angel Manuel Soto‘s Blue Beetle is set to hit theaters in August of 2023. It was an exciting announcement as it also moves away from relegating smaller projects to streaming-only releases.

This would definitely be a decision that would delight a lot of fans similar to what happened to Blue Beetle. The film has the star power to carry a theatrical release and draw the crowds with Leslie Grace, Keaton, and the possible big-screen return of Brendan Fraser. The film could make for the perfect Holiday 2023 release as it is set during Christmas and Warner Brothers Discovery currently has no DC films dated following the release of Blue Beetle in august.

Source: Puck News

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