‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’: When You Can Watch Amazon Prime’s Streaming Series

The classic action-packed romantic comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith is set for a modern-day reboot, and the casting choice has fans buzzing with anticipation. This time around, the charismatic and multi-talented Donald Glover is stepping into the shoes of the lead character, promising a fresh take on the beloved spy thriller.

Donald Glover as the New Mr. Smith

Donald Glover, known for his versatility as an actor, comedian, writer, and musician, has gained widespread acclaim for his roles in projects like Atlanta, Community, and his musical persona Childish Gambino. His inclusion in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith reboot brings a unique blend of charm, humor, and talent, promising a captivating performance that will undoubtedly put a fresh spin on the iconic character first played by Brad Pitt.

Amazon Prime’s Adaptation: A Modern Reimagining

The Amazon Prime adaptation of Mr. and Mrs. Smith is expected to offer a modern reimagining of the classic storyline. While the core elements of the plot – a married couple secretly leading double lives as skilled spies – are likely to remain, Glover’s interpretation of the character is sure to bring a new dynamic to the narrative. Fans can anticipate an infusion of contemporary humor, wit, and style that align with Glover’s distinctive creative approach.

Release Date: When Can Fans Stream the New Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

All eight episodes of the new series are dropping on February 2nd on Amazon Prime. You can read our full review of the series right here.

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