‘Loki’ Trailer May Have Confirmed the Identity of ‘WandaVision’s Mysterious Beekeeper

Disney Investor’s Day has finally given us some brand new trailers for 2021’s Disney+ releases. It also finally gave us a look at Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as Loki. Not just that, we also finally got a second WandaVision trailer that included some more hints about the series’ overarching plot. The biggest reveal may have come in the form when a radio transmission broke Wanda’s fake reality and may have teased the true mastermind behind the Westview incident. For a few seconds, we were introduced to a mysterious man in a Beekeeper outfit. His face is obscured by shadows, so we can only speculate on who exactly this character may end up being. Actually, perhaps the Loki trailer has confirmed who the mysterious Beekeeper truly is.

Now, it is easy to make the assumption that a beekeeper could be an obvious play on AIM’s involvement. There were hints and rumors that they may make their return, especially with a brief sequence in a Black Widow trailer seeming to include a small part of the logo. Yet, their involvement with something supernatural seems out-of-place. If you rewatch the Loki trailer, we get a brief sequence in what seems to be a church within the TVA facility. There is one thing that sticks out immediately, the stain-glass window in the background depicts a figure that seems to match Marvel’s variation of Mephisto.



In the comics, Mephisto was well-known for toying with humans. The WandaVision trailer shows us that Wanda might not have created this pocket dimension on purpose but rather someone is trying to get their hands on something. We briefly saw a teaser of the Mind Stone once again getting destroyed, which was the cause of Vision’s death. There is a chance that the Infinity Stones live on in the individual’s that harnessed their ability within the main timeline. So, Mephisto might be trying to manipulate Wanda to revive Vision, so he can access the latent abilities. Why is he only getting active now? Well, he might not have a physical form and that made it difficult to access them in the main MCU timeline.

Now that they were physically destroyed and those that were gifted their abilities have returned, such as Wanda who was snapped out of existence, he can finally enact his master plan. We always assumed Kang was going to be the major villain for the next Saga but he might be a red herring. He will have a major role later down the line but right now, Mephisto might be the reason the Multiverse ends up in shambles and affects various upcoming storylines. They might combine Mephisto with the character of Nightmare, who might be the main antagonist in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Though, this also opens up the question if he makes a deal to hide his real identity just like One More Day in the still untitled Spider-Man 3.

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