EXCLUSIVE: Gemma Arterton Teases Potential Plans For ‘The King’s Man’ Sequel

Earlier today, director Matthew Vaughn revealed plans for another Kingsman movie starring Taron Egerton, ,meant to wrap up his original trilogy of films. However, before that project gets underway, fans of the series will be treated to a brand-new prequel film under the clever name The King’s Man. That movie features a wealth of talent, including the wonderful Gemma Arterton. Speaking with me ahead of the release of The King’s Man, Arterton hinted that there may be plans for the prequel to be followed by some sequels of its own.

Arterton portrays a founding Kingsman member by the name of Polly in The King’s Man. When asked if she expects to play the role a second time, she found herself happily giggling through the following response:

I sure hope so. I mean, I think it’s set up that way. I’d like to think – I hope that this was the introduction to Polly. I would love to. I love playing her.

Gemma Arterton

The King’s Man was originally billed as a simple side-step for the franchise before pivoting back to the main storyline, so it’s interesting to hear Arterton claim that the movie is “set up” in a way that allows her character, and assumedly some of the film’s other major players, to return in the future. Perhaps this means that The King’s Man is quietly the first film in an all-new trilogy, which could pick up the reins once Eggsy’s story ends in the currently untitled Kingsman 3.

The King’s Man drops in theaters on December 22nd.

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