Netflix Co-CEO Calls ‘One Piece’ Live-Action a “Success Around the World”

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One Piece was released a week ago and it hit the #1 spot worldwide even with a strong competitor in Who is Erin Carter? but there’s still some uncertainty if we can expect a second season to be released. The coming weeks will tell us more, but going by first reactions, Netflix does seem to see it as a global success.

It may not be breaking Wednesday’s records after all, as it has a lower #1 stat weekly but had a very strong performance since worldwide, Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters stated that the series had cleared “a very high bar” and goes on to say it is “massively popular and a success around the world.”

This is a very high bar to meet, to basically take a storied manga and deliver it in English-language, live action,” the exec said. “Pretty much all the haters are out, looking for a reason to hate you for it. To be able to deliver it and have it be massively popular and a success around the world is amazing to see.

Greg Peters

That is great news and a recent comment from Tomorrow Studios’ producers is also hinting that the studio is quite happy with its performance. After Cowboy Bebop barely managed to debut in the Top 10 before fizzling out shortly after, it’s great news that they are seeing the potential. There’s a lot of potential for the series to grow with each new season and could become a mainstay for the streamer once they start paying their actors and writers fairly.

Source: Deadline

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