BREAKING: First ‘Black Panther 2’ Merch Offers First Look at Attuma

We’ve heard plenty rumors that Namor would appear in Black Panther Wakanda Forever alongside ither Atlanteans like Attuma. We still haven’t gotten a first look of their design until now when merchandise found its way online featuring Attuma in all his blue glory.

It’s a great adaptation if his design and further hints at his connection to Mesoamerican culture. So, this is our first official confirmation of his addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as that Namor will have a big role in the film.

The hammerhead shark headpiece is a great addition that’ll add something to make him stand out. We still don’t know how they’ll explore the different races of Atlanteans in the story but this may be a hint that a first official look at Namor is on the horizon.

Source: Twitter

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