Netflix to Adapt ‘Gears of War’ for Feature Film and Animated Series

Another marquee video game franchise has officially found its streaming home. It has been revealed that Netflix has acquired the media rights to produce projects based around the Gears of War video game series. This comes after what has been described as a competitive negotiation process over the past number of months. The franchise had gradually become one of the most successful for the Xbox consoles. The announcement comes on the 16th anniversary of the franchise launch.

After coming out as the victors in the bidding war, Netflix has high aims for Gears of War to become a stalwart for the service, including the production of a live-action feature film based on the franchise. This will then be followed by transitioning the intellectual property into an adult-animated series. No creative member has yet to be attached to either project. If both the film and the animated series go well, then Netflix would then plan to further expand the franchise. Video game adaptations have tended to be a mixed bag for the film industry, and with that in mind, it would be wise to not get too far ahead of expectations for this new acquisition by Netflix when there’s still a great deal of time before the release of the first project.

The Gears of War video games are set on a planet in the midst of a societal collapse due to the arrival of the Locust, a species of creatures from the underground that have taken control of above. It is then the responsibility of the Delta Squad and their leader Marcus Fenix to lead the last hope for humanity.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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