Netflix’s Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Adds 2 More to Cast

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There was a lot of hope and excitement for Tudum to potentially offer our next glimpse at the live-action adaptation of One Piece. Netflix has seemingly been all-in with the project and highlighted it during their big event of the year. Yet, it somehow only got a brief mention in Japan’s Tudum section without any news update hitting the web. While we might have to wait a bit longer for any real insight into how the production is going, especially with it having wrapped production not too long ago, it seems we can at least add two more to the series cast.

According to their CVs, actor Nathan Castle has joined the production as the character of Koushirou while Brett Williams will play Merry. For those not familiar with the story and remembering the boat being named Going Merry, Williams is not playing the Straw Hats iconic boat that they secured in the East Blue. He’s actually taking on the role of Kaya’s butler, who we meet in Syrup Village alongside Jacob Romero Gibson‘s Usopp.

In the case of Castle, he is set to play Koushirou who plays an important role in the backstory for Mackenyu‘s Zoro. He is nonother than Roronoa’s swordmaster and the father of Kuina. We would later also find out more about his family’s lineage but in the East Blue Saga, which the upcoming Netflix series will adapt, he’s mainly featured in the flashback exploring what inspires Zoro’s goal. It’ll be interesting to see if they might allude to some elements that didn’t get revealed in the manga until almost 25 years later.

Source: ERM Stars, ERM Stars

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