Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Will Feature Plenty of Easter Eggs

one piece easter eggs

The upcoming One Piece adaptation heading to Netflix will explore the East Blue saga, the early days of Monkey D. Luffy setting out to sea to become the pirate king. When the manga first was released in 1997, the world wasn’t quite set in stone when Eiichiro Oda started working on a manga that would end up running for over 25 years. So, a lot has happened and evolved ever since.

In a new video, showrunner Matt Owens got a chance to tease a bit of what’s to come with the franchise while also reflecting on previous attempts at adaptation. While highlighting they won’t force any new additions that fundamentally change the characters, he did end the video highlighting his favorite part: Easter eggs.

This is my favorite part of my job. Pay attention because the Easter eggs! Look at everything we know about the One Piece world now versus when the East Blue was being done. Watch for Easter Eggs! Pay attention to any wanted poster, newspaper, or a bit of dialogue. Pause things, screenshot!

Matt Owens

As he points out, we know a lot more now about where the franchise would head and it opens up many avenues to include small references to future events or characters. The inclusion of wanted posters while highlighting the Easter eggs means that we’re going to have to keep a very close eye on what this series might be hiding. Here’s hoping that we don’t have to wait too long until we get the first glimpse.

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