New ‘Black Widow’ Image Teases Showdown with Taskmaster

There has been a drought when it comes to Marvel Studios news. Ever since Black Widow got delayed, we’ve been just waiting for any sign of life. It has finally arrived as Empire released an exclusive image that teases a stand-off between Natasha and Taskmaster. This is our first look at the movie since the last trailer was released five months ago. It was still set to release in May at the time.


Is it much? No, not really but it is something. One of the highlights is the tease of Taskmaster throughout the trailers. Even after the delay, we have no idea who is playing Tony Masters. We did get a look at him using various abilities from iconic Avengers. So far, we know that he copied Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Panther but who knows what else they are hiding from us.

There is still something we can take from this image. We get our first real look at Taskmaster’s back which seems to include some strange metal backpack. This could be a jet pack like we saw in the Marvel’s Avengers game, or just where he keeps his weapons. Also, going by Natasha’s outfit, this is during their first fight on the bridge. Cannot wait to see this in action, as Natasha slowly realizes that her adversary is copying her every movie. I hope this is just the beginning for the character and we get much more of Taskmaster moving forward.

Source: Empire

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