‘WHAT IF…?’ Episode 1 Tentacle Monster Is The Same One in Episode 4

With so many rumors pointing to a Shuma Gorath appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it comes as no surprise that the tentacle creature that appeared in the Captain Carter episode of What If…? got fans hyped at a possible early tease. While do not know if that was actually Shuma Gorath, we at least know that the tentacle creature Doctor Strange summons in this latest episode is the same as the one Peggy fought.

We spoke to production designer Paul Lasaine, who told us those two creatures are one and the same.

We don’t actually say it is [the same one in this episode] but we’re pretty positive it is. In fact, even on a technical level, we used that creature as a template. 

Regardless of whether it is Shuma Gorath or not, it is peculiar to see a recurring creature throughout the show. It would be weird if it wasn’t Shuma Gorath as we’re dealing with the very things that character is associated with i.e. the multiverse. That creature appearing in the latest episode does make us wonder if it’ll appear again later in the season. With an overarching story for the season, it would certainly make sense to have that consistency.

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