‘GUARDIANS’ Producer on James Gunn’s Return to Vol. 3

The Guardians of The Galaxy is one of those obscure groups of characters from the comics that many didn’t really have a clue about but found success thanks to the way James Gunn handled their story, managing to turn an unknown property into a billion-dollar franchise. But the future of that franchise became uncertain when Gunn was embroiled in a scandal regarding decade-old tweets and then later fired for them. However, it wasn’t all bleak as Gunn managed to find his way back to where he started when he was rehired a year later.

Producer on both Guardians films and the upcoming Shang-Chi film, Jonathan Schwartz, recently sat down for an interview with our very own Charles Villanueva where he expressed how important and happy he was to have Gunn back for the third and final film in the trilogy.

It’s great to have him back. It’s super exciting. I’m a huge fan of James. It would have felt very weird to try and do a Guardians movie without him because he is such an important voice when it comes to putting those movies together and I think you feel that when you watch them. They feel so specific to James and to what he wants to do as a director. So I’m very, very pleased and excited that he’s able to come back for Vol. 3 and complete that trilogy.”

It’s safe to assume that the entire fandom shares the same sentiment with Schwartz. Gunn recently achieved the same kind of success he did with Guardians when his own twisted vision of DC’s Task Force X, The Suicide Squad, came out last month to incredible reviews. To have him be absent for the group of misfits that put him on the mainstream map would have been a travesty.

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