EXCLUSIVE: ‘WHAT IF…?’ Has A Big Overarching Storyline Yet to Be Revealed

As we approach the midpoint of the first season of What If…?, a certain subset of fans have wondered what exactly is the endgame of the show, given the anthological nature of the show. Every episode seems to be its own thing with stories wrapping up as the credits roll (except for Captain Carter). But according to the show’s production designer Paul Lasaine, whom we got to chat with, there is an overarching plot that the show is sneakily setting up.

Obviously, with it being an anthology series, each episode is a standalone. But there is an overarching story which will become more.. [pause] ..without giving spoilers, you’ll see that there is a big storyline going on. 

Now, this isn’t particularly new. If you’ve been paying close attention to all the details of this show, you know there’s something happening at the conclusion of the show. But if you haven’t and are worried that the show isn’t going to go anywhere cohesively, this should alleviate some of those concerns.

Based on the remaining episodes we haven’t seen, it looks like the creators of the show are upping the ante in giving us crazier scenarios like Marvel Zombies and Ultron taking over the world. This recent episode alone has started seeding somewhat of an arc for the Watcher. There’s still a lot of stories to build up so that’s something fans can all look forward to.

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