New ‘Doctor Strange 2′ Funko Leaks Reveals First Look at Dead Strange’s Funko’

doctor strange 2 funko

A new leak has made its way online that reveals part of the next Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Funko Pops. While we’ve gotten the tease of Sinister Strange in the past, this lineup includes our first look at the fittingly named Dead Strange, who we initially expected to be a zombified version of the character from the multiverse. It also includes America Chavez, who takes on a new role by the end of the film which was originally going to even lead into Spider-Man: No Way Home until the release dates got shuffled around.

The additional reveal is Captain Carter, who already had one from her appearance in the What If…? series. Yet, the fact that an Illuminati member is getting a Funko could mean that the others aren’t too far behind, which would be some exciting additions to any collection. The fact they added the iconic ponytail and nightmare cape consisting of beings from hell just adds that extra flair to once again highlight just how insane the whole concept was when it happened in the film.

If there’s already packaging out there, it means the official announcements shouldn’t be too far out. We still have to wait a bit until we get a clearer look at their designs, but it’s a fun tradition to explore new Funko Pops with each new Marvel series. We’ll see if the rest are also going to get announced at some point, as it would seem strange not to make use of the biggest cameos in the film for those interested to add to their collection.

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