‘Doctor Strange 2’ Writer on Working With John Krasinski to Bring Mr. Fantastic to Life

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While the Illuminati have been heavily teased throughout the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailers, a latter one getting a little too spoiler happy, they still managed to keep surprised when John Krasinski showed up on the screen as Mr. Fantastic. He’s been a fan favorite to take on the role for quite some time, and people finally got their wish even if Wanda turned him into string cheese. Doctor Strange writer shared what it was like working with the actor to bring the character to life.

I’m not involved in the casting, but as with all of these performers, I worked really closely with him in bringing that character to life with him and Sam. And especially on that one, because that was the one character that had no real precedent ever in the MCU, at least. Figuring out how we want this guy to be — that was a lot of fun. That particular character is certainly one of my favorite comic book characters.

Michael Waldron

In the same interview with Variety, he hints that it was Kevin Feige that made the necessary calls to make this dream casting a reality. When asked though if he might have any idea if we’ll see him return in the role at some point, all he could really answer was that:

It’s a question for somebody else

Michael Waldron

Of course, he’s not responsible for castings, and with Jon Watts exiting the Fantastic Four project, there are a lot of opportunities to let him bring the role to life. Of course, they may have a better chance this time around of actually exploring the character with the rest of the Fantastic family. Our very own Torjborn Frazier made his case for him continuing the role, which you can check out by clicking here.

Source: Variety

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