New Look at Netflix’s ‘Hilda and the Mountain King’ Shared Ahead of Trailer Release

hilda and the mountain king

The heartwarming story of Hilda offered a beautiful adaptation of Luke Pearson’s graphic novel series. We visit a world where humanity lives alongside mythical creatures. After a long life in the middle of nowhere, she and her mother moved to the walled-in Trolberg. That didn’t keep her from getting in quite a bit of trouble and various adventures. The latest at the end of the second season ended up with her switching with a mountain troll and becoming one.

After a long wait, the film is finally on its way that’ll adapt the story Hilda and the Mountain King, which will follow up where the previous season left off. The official Twitter account released a new piece of the upcoming entry. It also seems to be teasing something, which means we’ll very likely get a trailer soon.

The animation for this series has always been a highlight, especially with how mellow and welcoming it is. It’s a very approachable story and is a great show to forget the world. The Netflix series is sadly coming to an end as a final third season is planned as a follow-up to The Mountain King. It’ll be interesting to see if it can keep up the pacing as it comes to an end.

Source: Twitter

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