‘Doctor Strange 2’ Passes $900M Worldwide

doctor strange 2 box office

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been a popular discussion point regarding its harsh drop in its second weekend at around 67%. Yet, the film is proving that it has quite the legs to keep going as the film has now officially passed $900M worldwide. It still held strong as Top Gun: Maverick had one of the smallest drops at the box office for a film with over $100M, highlighting the film’s rather unique standing in the current climate. Films generally with such frontloading drop around 50% It’s highlighting more that it’s the exception rather than the rule.

Yet, we are here to discuss Doctor Strange‘s success at the box office. While the film is very unlikely to pass a billion at this rate, it does seem like it’ll end in the mid-$900M range. As of now, the film is already at $909.4M with a domestic release standing at $388.7M. At this rate,e it’ll beat Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘s 389.8M and Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s $390.5M. It should pass the $400M mark which we haven’T seen in a long time domestically.

The film is also facing a smaller drop than The Batman and Captain America Civil War in its fifth weekend, which highlights that the film was probably the most frontloaded we’ve seen in a while. Some of the hype surrounding the film gave it an Avengers-style momentum but it’s horror elements may have caught audiences by surprise given its B+ score. Even with that word-of-mouth score, the film has had some strong legs, which isn’t uncommon for the horror genre. Plus, as a sequel, it has left its predecessor that already strongly performed at $676M in the dust and adds weight to a third addition passing a billion.

Source: Variety, Twitter

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