Ms. Marvel Will Learn to “Tell Her Own Story”

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The initial trailer for Ms. Marvel teased a much lighter experience for a Marvel Studios Disney+ show. It’s also following one of its darkest as Moon Knight kicked off 2022 before passing the torch to the young heroine. Still, it looks like there might be something a bit darker ahead for the young heroine as revealed during the official press event for the Disney+ series.

The cast and crew had a bit of a challenge not giving away any story beats, but found a way to hint at where the story is heading, highlighting Kamala Khan’s self-discovery at the core of the story and the weight of learnign to be her own heroine rather than just emulating those she looks up to.

In searching for her identity, Kamala Khan is going to go on this journey to reconnect with her family, to understand why it’s so important to tell her own story and craft that story and to feel she could be that superhero she could always be, but it would be her being the superhero instead of emulating someone else.

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They do promise that things will get darker, but Kevin Feige highlights that this was what they are trying to do and ensure that “Marvel Studios” being above a logo doesn’t define what it’s going to be like. So, we might expect a few more diverse projects from the studio in the future, as we got a horror-inspired film with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness while Thor: Love and Thunder is seemingly focusing on a more romantic-comedy style. So, it’s goign to be interesting to see how Ms. Marvel‘s story develops and maybe even catches us off-guard.

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