‘Werewolf By Night’ Runtime Revealed

Next month sees the release of Marvel Studios’ first special presentation on Disney+ with Werewolf By Night. Not too long after that, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will follow suit. Marvel Studios’ dive into special TV presentations has long been a point of interest among fans with many wondering just how long these specials will be. Fortunately, we may have an idea based on how long Werewolf By Night is.

Given James Gunn‘s comments on the Holiday Special’s runtime and this confirmation of Werewolf By Night’s own runtime, it’s safe to say that future MCU D+ Specials won’t reach the lengths of the infamous 2-hour Star Wars Holiday Special. Nonetheless, an hour’s worth of schlocky black-and-white horror content in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is hard to complain about. If anything, the MCU could use more one-off presentations like this.

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