Karl Urban Plays Coy on Potential Return in ‘Judge Dredd’ TV Series

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It feels like half an eternity since we last heard about the upcoming Judge Dredd: Mega City One series. Rebellion Developments was working on the third attempt to create a franchise around the iconic character, who first was played by Sylvester Stallone in 1995’s Judge Dredd before Karl Urban played him in 2012. Sadly, the latter didn’t make enough to build a franchise, but his portrayal made him a cult favorite to play the role.

There were theories that he may return to the role in the new Mega City One series, but they never gave a confirmation. Now, in a new interview with The Guardian, the actor plays a little coy on if he may actually be returning for the project while promoting the next season of The Boys.

Regardless of whether or not I’m involved with it, I think it’s such a wonderful property. John Wagner and his entire staff of writers and illustrators have created so many wonderful stories that I, personally, as a fan of Dredd, would love to see. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Karl Urban

Urban certainly left an imprint with his performance as Dredd, and if he does end up returning, they may use this chance to promote the series as a revival and continuation of the 2012 classic. Perhaps they could even have Olivia Thirlby return as Judge Anderson. For now, it’s only speculation but we’ll have to wait for a general update on where the series currently is in development.

Source: The Guardian

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