‘She-Hulk’ Director Says Jessica Jones “Would Be a Good Addition” to the Series

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law director Kat Coiro teases that Jessica Jones would be a good addition to the upcoming series.
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Less than a week away, the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has generated plenty of discussion and speculation relating to its comedic tone and inclusion of major characters like Bruce Banner, Daredevil, Wong, and Emil Blonksy. Those significant inclusions are known already from the show’s trailers and promotional materials. Even though the series is essentially the starting point for the freshman live-action MCU character, She-Hulk is setting a stage for an experience that could keep surprising fans.

Of course, many fans want to know if other known and beloved characters will also make an appearance in She-Hulk at some point. Given the series’ structure as an episodic half-hour legal comedy show, it seems likely that surprise cameos could be in store. Now, series director Kat Coiro has added to some of the speculation.

In an interview with Tara Hitchcock via YouTube, Coiro responded to a question about what characters she—regardless of whether they will actually appear in the series or not—would have liked to include in the show. While teasing an unnamed character that is already in the show, the director also mentions that Jessica Jones would fit in well in She-Hulk:

Well, put that out there! Let’s have Thor come visit She-Hulk! I think the person who I think most organically fits into the world is in the show. I actually think Jessica Jones would be a good addition.

The “person [who Coiro thinks] most organically fits into the world” may very well be Daredevil, whose alter ego Matt Murdock is also a lawyer. But name-dropping Jessica is interesting considering the newfound relative likelihood that characters, like Daredevil, from the Marvel Netflix universe will make their returns to the MCU.

Coiro also emphasized what other She-Hulk creatives have said about the series’ cameos. While some existing characters like Wong and Daredevil have been portrayed in a more serious light, the upcoming comedy series reframes them for the show. Specifically, the director stated:

Every single existing MCU character who came into this show had to make the adjustment from being in things that are much more serious to being in something that is tonally more outrageous. And they’re all such wonderful actors and all so adept at adjusting, but it was definitely fun to watch that transition and fun to watch them go ‘Oh, it’s ok for me to do this?’ The biggest question they all ask me is ‘Am I going too far?’ And I would say ‘Absolutely not! Go further!

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debuts on Disney+ on August 18, 2022.

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