New ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man Trailer Includes Wonder Man Nod

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Sometime before Marvel’s Avengers was released, there were many theories about the line-up of characters that may have an important role in the game. It seemed like at some point in time, they’ve had quite a few new characters mapped out and there are quite a few teases throughout the latest DLC. Black Panther’s “War for Wakanda” even referenced Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Loki. The latest teaser may have done something similar.

As pointed out to me by @MonarchWrites, there’s a brief sequence where Spider-Man is sitting alongside the Avengers enjoying some peace and quiet. On the TV, you can clearly see Simon Williams basking in the limelight. In the comics, he eventually becomes the hero, Wonder Man. It’s close to his original design even including the red glasses with some updated designs. His inclusion in this trailer doesn’t mean he’s a playable character, but it does potentially mean he might appear in the franchise at some point. Perhaps we’ll get a small cameo on the TV screens that are on in the Helicarrier.

You can check out the latest teaser introducing Spider-Man’s upcoming Hero Event DLC titled “With Great Power” here:


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