Netflix Shares Viewership Numbers for the First Time

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Streaming may be about to change forever, as Netflix has suddenly offered insight into how much their shows and films are being viewed. Not just that, they promise this to be a regular occurrence. Other streaming services have been coy on sharing any data, as the market hasn’t required it. Yet, as they continue to grow this is a massive jump for transparency and might also shift the market in a new direction, as streaming becomes more dominant.

The goal for Netflix is to report how many hours were spent on the top 10 TV shows and movies, which includes original and licensed offerings. The first numbers offered some insight into their latest release Red Notice with Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson spearheading. In its first week of release, it had garnered around 149M hours of viewing time. Narcos: Mexico was the most-watched English-speaking series with 50M hours. Squid Game did take the top spot, however, for a non-English series with around 43M after being available for some time.

It’s a great development, but it opens the question of whether others will be willing to share their data as openly. Newer streaming services are facing enough hardship. So, transparency might streamline the market and showcase what investments are proven successful. This move does also feels like a follow-up to 2021’s long-winded discussion regarding simultaneous releases and how effective they truly are. We’ll keep an eye on future developments.

Source: Financial Times

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