New ‘The Batman’ LEGO Teases Batcave and a New Alter-Ego

lego the batman

DC FanDome is just around the corner and will finally give us a brand new look at the upcoming The Batman film. Matt Reeve’s new take on the Caped Crusader has garnered quite a bit of attention when the first trailer dropped last year. Once the pandemic calmed down, Reeve‘s and his team returned to bring the latest incarnation of the character to life. It’s been quiet since, but luckily to tie us until FanDome, LEGO provided us with some new products.

There are four sets revealed. Two of them are focused on chasing down Selina Kyle and the Penguin. We even get a Lego Technic version of the new Batmobile, which is going to be popular with collectors. Yet, the one piece that truly sticks out is the “Batcave: The Riddler Face-off” kit. As the name implies it highlights the Batcave as its main location. What stands out is that it confirms it’s part of a train station with Wayne’s name attached. They may have changed up their origin story and moved it away from Wayne Manor. That’s not all, as it also includes a rather curious detail of Bruce Wayne also going by a different alter-ego, Drifter.


LEGO sets commonly don’t represent the films. Otherwise, we would’ve had a pretty cool fight between Iron Man and Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. Still, it offers a glimpse into the upcoming film. A detail like Bruce Wayne being called the Drifter does hint that he isn’t always running around in cape and cowl. Perhaps it’s a new identity that he takes when he’s on patrol before grabbing his Batsuit to take on more dangerous foes.

We’re in Year 2 of his career. So, it’s a curious addition. The Riddler also seems to have a unique design in this compared to the first trailer. It’s likely they made it a bit more child-friendly, but this set doesn’t confirm if he’ll actually enter the Batcave at any point in the story. It’s a great little glimpse and we hope to get the second trailer at FanDome.

Source: ComicBook, Twitter

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