New ‘What If…?’ Funko Pops Include Frost Giant Loki, Ravager Thanos, and More

what if funko pop

Finally, the second wave of What If…? Funko Pops have found their way online featuring some of the supporting cast. In each of the episodes, not only do we meet a variety of new twists on iconic stories but also how a simple change alters the entire world. The new Funko Pops include Frost Giant Loki, Ravager Thanos, and quite a few additions from the finale. You can check out the new line of Funkos right here:

Ironically, we believed that Ultron was going to take on the mantle of Supreme Leader, but it turned out he was called Infinity Ultron. So, the inclusion of Killmonger taking on the mantle made us believe he may finally turn out to be him, but he’s also known as Infinity Killmonger. So, the Supreme Leader is very likely the Zola-possessed version of Vision, who doesn’t have an official name as of yet.

Source: Twitter, Amazon

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