‘Nope’ is Jordan Peele’s Third Film to Pass $100M Domestically

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It’s a big weekend for the box office, as not only did Thor: Love and Thunder manage to pass $700M but it also looks like Jordan Peele‘s third film has now joined the $100M club. Not every director can claim that his first three films manage to hit that mark, especially in an IP-dominated market with original pictures. Still, in three weeks, the film has managed to pull in $100.32M domestically.

Overall, the pandemic has hit the box office quite a bit but there are quite a few films managing to still pull in past the $100M mark with original projects. Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic is doing quite well with $137M, Sandra Bullock managed to pull the same with The Lost City and Ryan ReynoldsFree Guy from last year also made an impressive $121M. So, it’s a sign that mid-budget projects still have an important place in the market.

It should be noted though that Nope faces a similar issue to Thor: Love and Thunder. While the latest Marvel movie is likely to make more than its previous entry, its budget was quite a bit higher according to some sources. Nope also had a higher budget of $68M which is a far cry from Get Out‘s $4.5M and Us‘ $20M. While it’s doing well, it’s unclear if it’ll beat out the previous two entries. There’s still the chance for its international box office to pull in quite a bit as it faces a delayed release but with only a few exceptions, the box office is still recovering in some ways.

Source: Variety

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