‘One Piece’ Episode Titles Potentially Revealed

one piece episode titles

At TUDUM, we finally got our first look at the official One Piece live-action adaptation from Netflix. Showrunners Matt Owens and Steven Maeda have been busy at work on this project for many years, and are currently continuing an important fight to ensure the safety of their industry. In the meantime, the cast gets to promote the new season and it looks like right after the trailer dropped, the WGA has updated its database.

As first noticed by @OP_Netflix_Fan and the OPLA discord, WGA database has seemingly listed the episode titles for the upcoming One Piece series. While the directory for the actual show hasn’t listed them, the titles seem fitting for the show. There’s a chance these aren’t the final titles, but they are definitely interesting.

Here are the titles of the eight episodes in no specific order as it is provided by the WGA currently:

  • Eat at Baratie!
  • Romance Dawn
  • Tell No Tales
  • The Chief and the Chore Boy
  • The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo
  • The Man in the Straw Hat
  • The Pirates are Coming
  • Worst in the East

So, we can definitely connect some of these episodes. “Romance Dawn” is oddly spelled “Down” but we know that is the pilot episode’s name. “The Man in the STtaw Hat” could either be the second episode or even the last one, as it’s how Smoker describes Luffy when they meet.

The “Pirates are Coming” and “Tell No Tales” seem very easy to connect to Usopp’s Syrup Village arc. “Eat at Baratie!” and “The Chief and the Chore Boy” match the Baratie beyond the obvious connection. “That only leaves “The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo” is also obvious for the Arlong Park storyline.

So, we only have “Worst in the East” and “The Man in the Straw Hat” without any truly fitting. As previously mentioned, the latter could be either the first or the last, but “Worst in the East” seems fitting for Arlong. Though, they could also use it as a way to hint at the dangers that Buggy represents. For now, let the speculation begin.

Source: WGA

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