Oscar Winner Jamie Lee Curtis Campaigns for ‘One Piece’ Role

one piece jamie lee curtis

We’re still anxiously awaiting any news on when we can finally see Matt Owens and Steven Maeda‘s attempt at bringing Eiiichiro Oda‘s iconic One Piece series into live-action. The passionate team behind the project makes this an anime adaptation that should not be missed out on with the potential to break the ongoing curse of adopting the medium.

Even though we haven’t even seen the first season, there are already some talks about who else could take on an iconic role further down the line. One of the biggest fan castings was of long-time One Piece fan Jamie Lee Curtis getting a chance to play Dr. Kureha. Even her daughter, Ruby Guest, said she’d be interested as Chopper is her favorite Straw Hat and now it seems the recent Oscar winner isn’t wasting any time to get cast.

Curtis took to her personal Twitter account to seemingly start campaigning for the role with the hashtag #CurtisforKureha. She even added an image of the character with her face on it, which highlights just how great this potential casting would be for the series, and an opportunity to have an Oscar winner of all people join this high-profile Netflix series.

Emily Rudd, who plays Nami in the live-action adaptation, even took to Twitter further push that she should be cast in the project. So far non of the showrunners have reacted but they’ll be keeping their eyes on the actress once they know they can move forward with a second season, which would feature the character. We already have hints that they started work on a second season in case of renewal by Netflix. So, here’s hoping the series pulls in those record-breaking numbers that the streaming service is looking for.

Source: Twitter

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