Owen Wilson Reveals Timeframe for ‘Loki’ Season 2 Release

The once robust 2023 slate of streaming projects for Marvel Studios seems to have been pared down significantly following Bob Iger’s return to Disney. At one point, 5 live-action series were expected to stream in 2023, along with a pair of animated series; however, according to a new trade report, that’s been “narrowed to three or four” with the others moving into “2024 or beyond.” Rumors have the first of those streaming series, Secret Invasion, set to launch in June which is significantly later than its original “Spring” release window. That means the other series, including Season 2 of Loki, have been pushed back as well though it looks like fans may not have to wait too much longer than originally expected.

Before the big Disney slowdown, the second season of Loki was scheduled for a Summer 2023 release and according to star Owen Wilson, it might still make it despite all the delays. While discussing his appearance in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania in an interview with ET, Wilson said the streaming series should debut around the “end of summer.”

I guess they have kind of a little shot of Tom Hiddleston and I and Jonathan Majors from Loki season two. And I think that’s coming out end of the summer or September.

Owen Wilson

The “end of summer of September” release of Loki Season 2 would also confirm the delay of Echo until late 2023, per showrunner Marion Dayre, as it seems totally inconceivable that Marvel Studios would roll out Secret Invasion, Echo and Loki Season 2 over the course of 3 months. As for what to expect from the second season, Wilson teases that the series is set to “get very wild” following the events of Loki Season 1 and Quantumania which have revealed a whole lot of Kangs out in the Multiverse, none of whom seem to be up to good things!

Source: ET

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