‘Echo’ Showrunner Confirms Disney+ Series’ Delay

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Marion Dayre, the showrunner of the upcoming Marvel Studios’ series Echo has recently joined Ben Blacker‘s The Writers Panel and during the recording she seemingly confirms that the upcoming Disney+ series may have been postponed. Not only that, but it might be quite a bit longer until we see the series premiere.

In her interview, she reveals that it’ll release “probably a year from when this comes out.” There have been rumors swirling that Echo might be facing some challenges behind-the-scenes, and a delay by a year might be a sign of heavy reshoots in its future. The reasoning for this delay? We might never know and there are always multiple factors to why these decisions are made.

It’s part of the mystery with these projects and delays aren’t as uncommon as one might think. Marvel Studios is likely going to shift its release schedule quite a bit moving forward, SDCC was always more for the fans that wanted to know what’s heading their way. Still, they aren’t rushing any project out to take its release date or haven’t announced anything. Perhaps a new Special Presentation could be filmed in time for the summer?

Also, Marvel Studios already had a pretty massive 2023 planned. So, one project getting pushed back may not be the end of the world for the production studio. They’ve been taking their time to get Blade just right, and with Echo having already filmed, they are using the time to put the pieces together. For now, we only have a rumor mill and Dayre‘s confirmation of it not hitting its originally revealed Summer 2023 release.

Source: Writer’s Panel

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