Marion Dayre to Be the Lead Writer for Marvel Studios ‘Echo’

The Better Call Saul veteran will lead the writers’ room for the upcoming Marvel Studios streaming series

In July of this year, Marion Dayre, who worked on the acclaimed TV series Better Caul Saul for 5 seasons, indicated she was the showrunner of an upcoming but unknown Marvel Studios streaming series. Following yesterday’s official announcement of the Alaqua Cox-led streaming series Echo, Dayre was excited to reveal that she was the lead runner of the new series.

Nothing is known about what shape the Echo series will take, but with the character, who will debut in Hawkeye, has serious ties to organized crime including, in the comics (and strongly rumored to be in the MCU, too), Wilson Fisk. With Dayre’s years of experience working on one of television’s most successful crime dramas, she seems a good fit. It is strongly believed that Native American writer Bobby Wilson (Reservation Dogs) has joined the writers’ room as well. Etan and Emily Cohen were originally reported by the trades to be head writers for the show, which is tentatively set to go into production this April and is currently searching for additional members for the cast, including several Native American roles.

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