Paramount to Let it Rip With Live-Action ‘Beyblade’ Movie

beyblade movie

You never know what franchise is making its way to cinemas nowadays. Barbie is getting ready to offer an all-star cast revisiting Matell’s iconic doll with Greta Gerwig at the helm. Years ago, The LEGO Movie redefined what it meant to be a film based on a toy. Now, Paramount is ready to let it rip with a live-action film based on the toy franchise Beyblade. Not just that, but “Mr. Blockbuster” Jerry Bruckheimer is also attached to produce the film.

The spinning tops were a collectible toy which is licensed by Hasbro. There have been countless manga, anime, and comic adaptations of the popular franchise that tended to focus on a tournament. Neil Widener and Gavin James are set to write the script, but it’s unclear if it’ll stick to the classic approach with the franchise or try something different. As you can guess, it’s still in early development but they already hope to turn it into a massive franchise like the Transformers.

Bruckheimer is a fitting choice given how he turned the Pirates of The Caribbean into a massive franchise. The writers are also busy working on the script for the DC project Hourman and Now You See Me 3. Given its sales numbers, it’s no wonder that they see the potential in it. Makes you wonder when we’ll get the announcement for a live-action Yu-gi-oh! franchise at this point given the popularity of the card game and anime franchise.

Source: Deadline

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