EXCLUSIVE: Blumhouse Looks to be Rebooting ‘Brain Waves’

We can exclusively confirm that Blumhouse is looking to reboot ‘Brain Waves’ with production set to kick off relatively soon.

It looks like Blumhouse is looking to reboot yet another title. We here a Murphy’s Multiverse can report that Blumhouse is currently casting for a feature film titled Brain Waves, which seems to be a reboot of the classic film of the same name.

Brain Waves was a movie that was released in 1982. It hailed from director Ulli Lommel, who helmed the feature based on a script by Lommel with additional dialogue added by Henry R. Alexander and Suzanna Love. The film focused on Kaylie, who is forced into a coma for months following a car accident. In hopes of waking her from the coma, the doctors try a new procedure that is meant to stimulate her brain with neural patterns of a woman who just died. Although the procedure is successful, Kaylie finds herself living the life of the other woman in her dreams, learning that she’s been murdered. With her husband’s help, the duo seeks to discover the truth about the mystery woman.

The film is currently in the casting process and is looking to fill the roles of Zarina, mother of the bride, Father Max, Deanna, Eric, Doctor Fallon, Todd Carlon, Detective Cohen, and Jeff West. Other roles being cast are a facility rep, a doctor, a farmer’s son, and a newscaster. Zarina is described as an actress between the ages of 30-38 who has undeniable charm with motherly energy; the role also calls for depth and curiosity. The film is seeking to cast a Black actress for the role. The actress must also have a US passport as she might be shooting abroad per the casting call. The role will film from January-February.

Production on the film is expected to have a varying schedule. The shoot dates are noted as Oct. 24th through Dec. 21st, however, the film is also expected to continue filming into 2023 with filming taking place between Atlanta and Savannah, GA.

As of now, a director has not been announced for the project.

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