REPORT: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Re-Release May Replace ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Post-Credit Scene

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is returning to theaters with a new re-release version that includes a variety of new scenes that were cut from the original. There’s been no word on just how much it may affect the film, but we’ve got a few teases of what may have been added in. With it heading our way in just a few days, potentially going to compete with Top Gun: Maverick for the top spot this weekend, it seems leaks have already made their way online teasing what may have been added.

According to a Reddit post as shared by The Direct, the upcoming re-release will include a completely new post-credit sequence that replaces Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness sequence. It seems that this one might clear up some confusion on just how exactly the spell works that Strange conjures at the end of the film. While it was hinted that the world would forget who Peter Parker is, we never really got to see that brought to life besides the brief exchange with MJ. It kept many wondering if he’d still be in photos but no one could really remember who he is.

Well, the new post-credit sequence would showcase Betty sharing her last news segment before graduating, which would include pictures from their previous adventures. The one key difference is that Peter Parker is not seen in any of them, such as the Decathlon from Spider-man: Homecoming and Far From Home‘s Europe trip. So, it clears up just how the entire world would truly forget who Peter Parker is and also highlight how

Source: Reddit via The Direct

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