‘John Wick’ Writer to Adapt ‘SIFU’ into Live-Action

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It looks like Sloclap is ready to adapt their recently released game SIFU into a live-action feature. They’ve decided to partner with Story Kitchen to bring the project to life, whose partner Derek Kolstad, who many might know from his work on John Wick, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Nobody, and many more, to adapt the script. Dmitri M. Johnson is set to produce the project alongside Mike Godlberg, Dan Jevons, and Timothy I. Stevenson for Story Kitchen. Kolstad naturally also is on board as a producer.

It’s unclear how they’ll adapt the story, as its main “concept” was built around a gamification element. It’s a revenge story taking place in modern China, where a student of a martial arts school witnesses the murder of his mentor and goes on a revenge-filled spree to take those down responsible for his death. It’s built around the gimmick that he has a magical talisman that revives him but t the price of him growing older.

The game was a big success and even went on to get nominated for quite a few awards. The main premise of SIFU is perfect for a film but it’ll be interesting to see how they adapt the concept of him being revived but only older. They could go for a Groundhog Day-inspired story or simply have him come back but visibly older.

It also raises the question if the main star might be cast in different age groups, or they’ll heavily rely on aging or de-aging technology and practical effects to keep the same actor. Whatever direction they might go, Kolstad‘s work is definitely a showcase that they have the right man for the job.

Source: Deadline

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