Phase 4 Slate Still Uncertain

In the Summer of 2019, Marvel Studios One-Above-All Kevin Feige unveiled the MCU’s Phase 4 which, at the time, consisted 10 projects stretching from May of 2020 through November of 2021. Of course, the COVID pandemic changed everything and here we are in January of 2021 without having seen any Marvel Studios content in over a year, though WandaVision is just around the corner. With all the shifting and shuffling, today’s WandaVision press junket seemed like a great time to clarify just how much things have changed.

MCU Phase 4 Details at SDCC 2019! Jane Foster is Thor!

Me: “I know we just talked about WandaVision kicking off Phase 4, with all the shuffling that’s been going on with the release slate changing and then some of the announcements, could you clarify where Phase 4 kind of ends at this point.

Kevin Feige: “No.

I’ve never been so excited to be told no in my life. Now it’s easy to read too much into this, but given the amount of time Marvel Studios had to think things over during the pandemic, it’s entirely possible that they have rethought the structure of Phase 4. At any rate, it would certainly seem that it’s no longer exactly what it was at SDCC ’19.



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