‘Rush Hour’ Revival is Happening According to Jackie Chan

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There has been a lot of talk over the years that we’d might finally get a return of the Rush Hour franchise. In an era of legacy sequels, it is surprising that the Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan-led film series hasn’t already been greenlit. Any streaming service would be quite excited to get their hands on such an iconic franchise. Chris Tucker has often alluded to talks about it potentially being brought to life, but we still haven’t heard a single thing.

Well, it seems that Jackie Chan has given us an update, as they are still seemingly working on getting the project started. He doesn’t truly give away how far along they are on bringing the project to life, but mostly just that they are still actively working on getting Rush Hour 4 off the ground.

We’re talking about Rush Hour 4 right now.

Jackie Chan

The original trilogy has been quite beloved and there’s always a lot of potential of returning to the characters of Lee and Carter. While we’ll likely still have to wait a while, the moment a director and writer are found, then we can truly get a feeling for when the wait will finally come to an end. For now, it’s great to know that Chan and Tucker are so behind the project and want it to return in style.

Source: Variety

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