RUMOR: ‘The Flash’ Spinoff Focused on Michael Keaton’s Batman Scrapped in DC Studios’ Restructuring

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Everything is changing over at DC Studios, as the future of the former DC Expanded Universe seems quite uncertain. We’ve had the reveal that Wonder Woman 3 has lost its director Patty Jenkins, a Black Adam sequel seems unlikely at this point and so much more. Now, it seems a new rumor has popped up from Jeff Sneider that another project has been canned as James Gunn and Peter Safran restructure the new DC universe.

It seems that The Flash and Birds of Prey‘s Christina Hodson has been working on a spinoff from The Flash that would’ve acted as a reboot of the original Michael Keaton-led Batman franchise. Keaton would further explore his character that is set to return in the upcoming film, though details on how the project would’ve explored his return remain uncertain. There’s also no word just how far they got with the script, as they may have just kicked around the idea before it was scrapped.

It does seem more and more likely that The Flash might end up as a hard reboot for the DC Cinematic Universe moving forward, even if there are still no specific plans set by DC Studios’ new co-leads. Though, once the roadmap for the next ten years have been set, we might get a better look at what the future has in store for us.

Source: YouTube via The Direct

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