PlayStation 5 Global Ad Teases Immersive DualSense Experience

We are so close to the bran new generation of gaming. It is astounding to think that with only a few more months to go before the Holiday season we know very little about the new consoles. There were some events to tease the new games and consoles’ designs. Yet, we still do not have an official pricing or even release date. While the pandemic did delay things quite a bit, it still seems odd that both consoles are dragging out the price reveal. It makes sense so they don’t end up as the more expensive option by the end of it but it also kept them from really starting their ad campaigns. Well, looks like Sony got tired of waiting an created a global ad to tease the sensual experience their new controller DualSense will offer.

Sadly, this isn’t a trailer for the VR experience but they still are trying to sell the immersive experience the console will offer. DualSense has programmable triggers that act different depending on what you are playing. The moment the player wants to pull back the string to shoot an arrow, they will feel the tension of it. It’s an intriguing concept to add more connection between player and the game. One isn’t forced to use motion sensors or gimmicks to get that immersion. It’s haptic feedback that just adds to the overall gaming experience.

Plus, there could be some creative ways of giving new life to gaming moments. Perhaps this way quick time events are given more life. It’s not just pressing a button during a cutscene but actually interacting with it. We will see what Sony has planned with this new DualSense once we can get our hands on the console. Personally, just thinking of swinging between skyscrapers as Miles in Spider-Man: Miles Morales while feeling the tension of the webswing sounds amazing.

Source: Twitter

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