Disney+ Explores the Story of the First Astronauts in ‘The Right Stuff’ Trailer

Disney+ has a very unique approach to pushing its streaming service. The main focus relies on family-focused entertainment. It is filled to the brim with shows that many are nostalgic for. Also, it’s getting unique content for major brands like Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. There is, however, one important additional brand that is kept to the same level of importance.

When you open the streaming service, you are also welcomed by the National Geographic logo. There is a good reason it is included. They have produced some amazing documentaries over the years. It would be a waste not to use this catalog. They are even producing original content for the brand like The World According to Jeff Goldblum. It was the perfect fit to include various documentaries alongside Disney’s own Disneynature brand. Now, a trailer for an original scripted shows The Right Stuff may change our perception of the brand.

Yes, National Geographic is venturing out. This series is based on the 1979 book of the same name by Tom Wolfe. The author had spent a lot of time to explore the story of the Mercury Seven, who established the astronaut profession. This addition is an important key factor for the streaming service. With this brand, they can expand into more adult stories that explore real-life or fictional history. This way they can expand their portfolio without having to create an entire new branding line for stories. This feels like the first step to diversify the overall Disney branding. It also takes away the limitations of our expectations that NatGeo will just include documentaries. If this show pulls in an audience, we might see a lot more of original scripted shows under this umbrella. It also is exciting to see Disney venture out and see what implications this might have.

Source: Twitter

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